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Forum icons
  • GaerlanGaerlan June 2005
    Posts: 1,263
    As in the icons that appear to the left of the boards on the forum index. Right now they look like notes tacked onto a bulletin board.

    As on RPV, I think the new ones will be 50 x 50, and we should think of what kind of images will be most appropriate. Aiken/Mark will probably be able to make his own for 194X, so we have Talk, Forums, Domain and Radio to consider.

    For Domain I think that perhaps we should have the YOSC "Y" in black over white. Either that or the reverse, that is.

    We must also consider how the forum icons will differ when there is a new post and when there are no new posts. On RPV, the icons appear in colour when there is an update and are grey when there are no updates. I think that would probably work as a Plan A, but I would like to consider other options.
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