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Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • February 2012
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    I think Gabe sums it up pretty well in his post on the topic, but here's my opinion after playing for about 10 hours. 

    The game is fun. Square took to heart what people told them about the game taking too damned long to get going, so now you have everything thrown your way by Chapter 1. Seriously, Paradigms are unlocked by battle #3 (and that's arguable, as the first two battles were hardly battles at all; just sequences to get you familiar with the combat system). Crystarium is unlocked by the time you get to the end of the Prologue, and you start collect monsters right away in Chapter 1. There you go; everything involving combat is now available. Definitely beats the snail-crawl of FFXIII taking its time "teaching" you the nuances of the system.

    There's a basic plot thread, with more probably going on than is being appropriately told, but hey, that beats its predecessor, where the bulk of the story was the main characters saying, "No, I'm not going to do that. Let's spend all our time trying to ignore our inner problems only to have them always be at the forefront of our interaction with others." It probably helps that you're only following Noel and Serah, rather than jumping between 3 different groups of characters.

    Don't expect much different out of the combat system. It's still basically the same thing, though you can leader switch mid-combat if need be between Noel and Serah. Crystarium has been streamlined, so you just dump points into a role and that's the bulk of it (a little more finesse there than what I sum up, but not much). 

    The monster collection thing is huge. Almost any creature you run into can be recruited, and each can fulfill a single role. You can spend a lot of time min-maxing your monsters. I haven't done that yet, but I know I'll go through and try to improve upon my current roster in the future.

    There's minigames to plays that unlock partway through, including chocobo racing. You can race chocobos that you've recruited to your party, so there's that. I haven't tried it yet.

    Anyways, enjoying the game so far. If you liked FFXIII's battle system, chances are you'll love this. If you hated it, just move along. There's nothing to pull you in here.
  • NinielNiniel February 2012
    Posts: 652
    The fact that you can switch leaders might just have made the balance tip toward getting it... 

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