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Jar of Jalepenos
  • EugeneEugene September 2011
    Posts: 1,684


    I have a jar of marinated jalepenos (that my boss made and gave me).

    They're tasty on their own but I feel like there's a lot of missed potential here. What happens next?

  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad September 2011
    Posts: 6,459
  • FerretFerret September 2011
    Posts: 972
  • September 2011
    Posts: 0
    Basically this ^^

    I know you're on a diet, but some melted cheese, jalapenos and tobasco all mixed together and put on tortilla chips will be wonderful.
  • September 2011
    Posts: 0
    ^ I'd rather die fat and happy than cut out something as tasty as Nachos.
  • EugeneEugene October 2011
    Posts: 1,684
    Good plan. I might just leave 'em marinating until nachos are a go. Might be a while. Anyone ever try making their own tortilla chips? I have yet to find a store-bought brand I like. They have this... old-couch taste to them for some reason. I've occasionally had good nachos/tortilla chips at restaurants that presumably make their own (or get them from someone locally).
  • NinielNiniel October 2011
    Posts: 652
    Chili dog casserole?
    If only because reading it makes me laugh?
  • October 2011
    Posts: 0
    I prefer to go buy my chips from the Mexican restaurant because as you say Eugene they typically taste a bit off when you buy them from the store.

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