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live music
  • EugeneEugene September 2011
    Posts: 1,684

    I've seen a few dozen bands live, but I still can't quite pin down what it is that makes a good live show, or what makes a live show special in general. Typically, I'm the kind of person who appreciates the intimacy and technical perfection of a record. But I love me a good live act, even though I don't mess around in the pit any more unless I have to.

    One interesting thing about seeing live music is that often bands are better live, or better recorded. For some bands, there's a huge difference -- I've seen bands I didn't care for at all, live, and become a fan. And I've seen some of my favorite bands in concert and was really disappointed.

    Any of you into live acts? Any memorable ones that I should try and catch in the future?

    And for the hell of it (and in case anyone wants some feedback on a particular band), I will now proceed to list all the shows I can remember seeing without spending too much time thinking about it. Feel free to ignore!

    • Radiohead: From this experience, I learned that I don't like stadium shows -- I listen to a lot of music recorded but will only see bands live if they're playing a small venue)
    • The Strokes: Saw them in a reasonably sized venue right before they started blowing up and playing huge places. They sucked, went onstage over an hour after their openers packed up, and played a drunken set surprisingly well, technically, but lacking any real energy.
    • The Arcade Fire: Back during their first American tour for Funeral. This is probably the best live show I've ever seen.
    • Metric: They were okay, but less impressive than their openers, The Most Serene Republic, who are one of those bands I enjoyed live but not recorded.
    • Man Man: Pretty good, but I saw them before their "golden age" or whatever. Kinda want to seem them again.
    • M83: Played a WAY louder show than their recordings would suggest. Pretty awesome, but I think you would only enjoy it if you enjoy loud, drone-y electronic music.
    • DeVotchKa: Actually saw them like three times. The first time was in Canada with Shit Everywhere Derrick. They are pretty great live, real sense of theatrics.
    • Godspeed You! Black Emperor: This is probably the second best show I've ever seen after The Arcade Fire. I would like to see these guys again if that's possible, but be sitting this time. The concert was super long, I couldn't enjoy it as much as I'd like because my feet were KILLING me.
    • Interpol: Pretty great. I didn't notice all the shortcomings until I listened to the record.
    • RJD2: Bad.
    • Dieselboy: This turned out to be a rave. Loudest concert I've ever been to.
    • DJ Shadow: Pretty cool, but, you know. DJ.
    • Longwave: Alright
    • CSS: Ugh!
    • Sleigh Bells: Strangely, despite all my intuition, they were far better recorded.
    • Death From Above 1979: Great! Not as loud as one would think, strangely.
    • twodeadsluts onegoodfuck: Oh man, there's a story behind this one. You've probably already heard it.
    • Deftones: Pretty good, but I was distracted by the bloodthirsty crowd. Nearly broke my glasses!
    • Girl Talk: Saw him three times. Great show, but felt like a bit of a pedo... place is always filled with 15-year-old girls wearing NOTHING
    • Xiu Xiu: The less said the better.
    • Lightning Bolt: This show was shut down about 15-30 minutes into Lightning Bolt's set. And I missed my train back to CT.
    • The Morning Benders: I don't remember, so I guess it wasn't that good
    • Viva Voce: Alright
    • I'm going to see Battles on Nov 1! Can't wait.
    • I'm sad I missed Boris and Japandroids. :(
    • I'd really like to see 65daysofstatic and Animal Collective one day!
  • September 2011
    Posts: 0

    Seether: Creatively, I love the play on words they use in songs but if you see them play in person it makes you lose that love for them you may have once had. No energy.

    Papa Roach: I hated papa roach before I saw them play live. After that I actually liked them more. You can tell they love what they do.

    Red: KICK ASS. KICK ASS. Had to say it twice to do them some justice.

    Kid Rock: He actually is pretty awsome. I just had very crappy seats. So if I was able to feel the music as I'd say being right by a speaker I would have loved it.

  • EugeneEugene September 2011
    Posts: 1,684

    I dunno, I sat next to the speaker for the Dieselboy set. It was ridiculously loud, and before Dieselboy even came on, I was basically deaf in one ear, with anyone talking to me (even outside the venue in relative quiet) just coming in as garbly radio-like static in my ear. I was actually worried I may have deafened myself but my hearing came back slowly over the course of the next three days. Suffice it to say that I do NOT recommend being next to speaker.

    I was also next to the speaker for twodeadsluts, but I was too busy being hit with viking helmets and avoiding broken glass to really care.

  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad September 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    I'm into going to shows, but I'm too damn poor to do it as often as I would like

    The last one I went to was Olivia Tremor Control, but I didn't get to stay to the end.
  • September 2011
    Posts: 0
    I love to be by the speaker. If I feel like my heart is being rattled by the music I know I have good seats. :) Most people don't like being beside it so I feel you Eugene.
  • EugeneEugene September 2011
    Posts: 1,684

    I'm going to see Boris at the end of October! I'm definitely not going to be next to the speaker for that.

    Ed, how was Olivia Tremor Control? I couldn't get into their recorded material... I vaguely recall it was a bit much on the concept-album side. Aren't they part of the Elephant 6 collective with all those other hipster bands, like Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, etc?

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