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Nintendo 3DS Price Drop
  • July 2011
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    In the wake of poor hardware sales, Nintendo has decided to cut the 3DS' price by $80 in order to entice people to buy it. Along with this, Nintendo is thanking early adopters by giving them 20 free VC games from the GBA and NES era.

    Thoughts on this? This is probably the fastest drop in hardware price in the gaming industry ever. At least the fastest I've ever heard of. It makes Nintendo look desperate to get them sold and in people's hands, which wouldn't have been as big a deal if there had been a better selection of games available already.
  • July 2011
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    I don't do handheld games myself so I have no clue what the price of these would have been in the first place or how long it has been on market.
  • July 2011
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    The 3DS was released back in March worldwide. That means it's been about 4 months since release for the price cut to enter in. For comparison's sake, I believe the first PSP was on the market for three years before a slimmer, cheaper model was introduced.
  • July 2011
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    So how much was it when it came out?
  • Downside-upDownside-up July 2011
    Posts: 1,492

    It's sad because the 3DS is pretty nice. Nintendo seems to have a really hard time with getting out worthwhile launch games for their systems lately. I don't really understand why they thought the 3DS would sell well without any big franchise games to go with it.

    I think it was also a mistake to base the marketing around it on 3D. No one likes 3D other than the people who keep trying to make 3D games and movies, but regardless of that the 3DS is still a nice handheld even when you turn the 3D off.

    Whatever, I get 20 free games that could amount to more than the $80 price cut, so it doesn't bother me that much in the end.
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad July 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    I only want a 3DS for that Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover.

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