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RP groups
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad July 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    So that live Pathfinder game I was supposed to DM for a friend of mine is in rough sorts, what with the ideal, "Oh, of course I'll join!" versus the realistic, "Whoops... it doesn't look like my schedule is going to work out..."

    So, those... two(?) of you with active RPs. Any stories about how you got your peeps together?

    I don't doubt that the group I'm in won't stabilize, but the most enthusiastic people are the ones who are dropping.
  • NinielNiniel July 2011
    Posts: 652
    My main group is mostly formed of previous roomates... the game was at my place so there was no issues,

    The other groups I've sporadicly been in were old Cegep friends, with games mostly held either at one person's place or at the game club on premises... My work schedule was a bitch to those groups.

    Been in a few Internet gathered groups, via the message boards of the local RPG book shop. Hit and miss with schedules once again (swing shifts, with a range for 8 to midnight and 9 hours shifts are a bitch)
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad July 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    The group I DM for gained two new players out of nowhere, bringing the party size to six. The fighter one-shotted the "boss" creature I set up for them to end the session, letting them level up anticlimactically.

    Thanks to him and the increased party size, I'm upping the CR of encounters to 4 as a minimum. I kinda wanna throw a swarm their way, but that'd be a total dick move.
  • starfalconstarfalcon July 2011
    Posts: 1,376
    I met my current group through Pen and Paper games. My old group was friends and family.
    Also, there is an easy way to avoid anti-climax. Cheat. If they one shot the boss either increase his hp so he does not die or have two more of said monster join the fray (if that's reasonable).
    Group size does wreak havoc with game balance.

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