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dice and 4e
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad June 2011
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    There's probably only two people on the board who would be willing to answer this question, but here it is for you all, anyway.

    What's the ideal amount of dice to have on hand for a level 30 DnD character?

    I used Thorn (my level 30 human rogue) for initial research.

    Now, by level 30 he has attacks that do 7[W], so I at least need seven of each damage die. Prior to going through powers, I knew I needed at least 6d6 to take into account crit die of epic tier weapons.

    So, rounding up to 8 to have happy even numbers (and accounting for loss) plus a mandatory d20 and no need for percentage die...

    5 types of damage dice, 8 of each is 40; plus one d20: 41 individual dice.

    Am I right or am I going too far?

    EDIT: Whoop, might as well ask this, too: how much dice would a level 20 Pathfinder/3.5e player need?
  • June 2011
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    I think that for a level 30 4e character your dice numbers will vary widely, especially depending on how many weapons/powers you have that use different damage dice. As a general rule of thumb, you'll need a lot of d6's for crit damage (unless you have a magic weapon that gives you higher crit damage). If you use area attack powers, you'll need more than just one d20 (I'd say somewhere around 5, if you have large area attacks).

    As an example, my cleric at level 30 had several area attack powers with large radii, so I'd be safe with probably 8d20's. My attacks never went above 3 damage dice, but some did d8 damage and others did d10 damage, plus a few with 2d6 damage, so I'd need 3 of each of those (and then the 6d6 for crits). That gets me up to, oh, 22 dice.

    That is considering that you cannot/will not borrow dice from other people to help compensate if you're low, or that you don't want to break up damage/attack rolls into a couple rolls. You could easily get away with 3 of each dice type, or, if you're at a table with five other people and you share dice, one of each type. I'd personally say you really only need 1-2 of each die type, and maybe a few extra d6's.
  • starfalconstarfalcon June 2011
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    raging drunk lad:

    Whoop, might as well ask this, too: how much dice would a level 20 Pathfinder/3.5e player need?

    1d%, 1d20, 3d12, 3d10, 5d8, 10d6, 5d4.

    This covers most scenarios. Certain casters will need (many) more d6. Mounted lance wielder will need one or two more d8. And a scythe wielder will need three more d4.
    Generally most people get by with three dice sets and a few extra d6.

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