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Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge: Feel-good thread of the month
  • FerretFerret May 2011
    Posts: 972



    Troll Bridge is an epic short film based on a fable written by Terry Pratchett. Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, Troll Bridge is about the world’s last Barbarian hero (now at the age of 87) embarking on a suicide mission to battle a bridge troll in mortal combat.


    Let’s be clear about this, not a single cent of this funding drive is to be spent on wages. Every dollar that goes into it – you will see on screen. The entire process; from direction to catering to art design and costuming to acting and armoring – is all being done on a volunteer basis. The entire cast and crew (although all professionals in their field) are in this project for the passion of it.

    That means we’re spending $45,000 on building the bridge set, warehouse hire for the set, equipment hire, bigiature construction, costuming materials, make-up and so on and so forth. If we exceed this limit (and we certainly hope we do), we’ll be spending that additional money on better equipment, better materials, and better locations. Not a single cent will be wasted – it’s vitally important to us that we do justice to Terry Pratchett’s work.

    This warms me to the bottom of my heart, and that's far down. The Snowgum people have spent the last 8 years on and off developing this film, all on a volunteer basis.
    They needed the money to produce the film, and the internet supplied in copious amount. In such amounts, infact, that by now the amount of pledged money has exceeded the original 45.000$.

    Hell, I'll probably pledge 50$ so I can get the dvd.
  • EugeneEugene May 2011
    Posts: 1,684
    $50 for a DVD of a short film is a bit much, especially considering how much money I've spent on kickstarter, but I put in $30. Not that I really needed to since its funded, but it sounds like they could use the help in the special effects department.

    Edit: No, wait, they'll be going to New Zealand to film if they reach $55k. Sweet. This may turn out to be quite awesome.
  • FerretFerret August 2011
    Posts: 972
    I'd totally forgotten about Troll Bridge untill I saw this thread again. So the best I could do was check in and see how well they did.

    The funding ended at July 6th, and 82.000$ has been raised. Holy cow.
    Now I'm going to read all the updates.

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