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bad art redeemed by good story?
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad April 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    Can anyone name an instance where... well, the thread title has happened to you?
  • Downside-upDownside-up April 2011
    Posts: 1,492
    I found Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's graphics to be somewhat lacking, if that counts. I don't think the overworld translated into 3D very well.
  • EugeneEugene April 2011
    Posts: 1,684
    Final Fantasy VII might apply. Even at the time, besides the backgrounds, the cutscenes (remember when they were called FMVs?) and in-game sprites were some special kind of horror. I have vague memories of hanging around in an IRC forum where some Square USA guy was getting help converting the PSX raster files into some special data structure for the PC version, just because they wanted to be able to hi-res it without a filter or something. I helped, but can't remember what the process involved (I was, like, 14, or something). So I guess that kinda explains Square's whole mind set at the beginning of that whole 3D era (console-wise, anyway).

    How about Ico? Not sure it counts, since the art direction was solid, just the technical execution was lacking in certain ways (mostly because the programmers were trying to coerce the console into doing weird things it didn't normally do).

    Suidoken's gotta count, though. Although I've never actually gotten very far in it, so maybe it doesn't qualify for "good story." Dunno.

    I kind of want to throw Cyberia in here. It's weird, because the game is generally remembered as good-looking but lacking story and substance. I found it to be exactly the opposite. At the time, the technical execution was impressive, perhaps, but it ages *very* poorly, and even at the time lacked a real artistic soul. There were plenty of better-looking 2D games. On the other hand, the game had a rich setting, captivating story, and was one of the first Silent Hill-ish "spooky environment" games I've ever played.

    Hm, need more recent titles. A lot of modern indie games have shit art, but great gameplay. But you said "story" and most indie games just aren't that long-form. How about the Telltale Monkey Island games? Great writing, crappy graphics.

    I wanted to find a big-studio title that was on the list, but frankly, for the same reasons you probably asked the question, I don't think the big studios let bad-looking titles out the door.
  • FerretFerret May 2011
    Posts: 972
    I think Dwarf Fortress qualifies, but only if your idea of a good story involves flooding your entire fortress with magma. And believe me, it always ends with torrents of magma cascading out your throne room.

    Edit: Eugene, I've been meaning to ask: Is your avatar a picture of yourself, or Stanley Kubrick?
  • EugeneEugene May 2011
    Posts: 1,684


    Eugene, I've been meaning to ask: Is your avatar a picture of yourself, or Stanley Kubrick?

    Actually, it's a younger Jorge Garcia.

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