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serious business: pie pie
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad March 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    While it inherently lends itself to desserts, I think pie pie would also be able to function just as effectively as a medium for savoury fillings as well.

    But really, an apple or otherwise fruit pie pie ought to be the first attempted.

    Anyway, in attempting to create an actual pie pie on paper, we must define what a pie pie ought to be in ideal conditions and then modify it for practicality.

    The basic pie pie principle would be a large pie harbouring smaller, complete pies within it. And personally, I do not think the "turducken" approach would be best, although I would list it as an acceptable variation.

    A simple, bargain-basement apple pie pie should contain at minimum three individual pre-prepared apple pies/tarts that would be able to occupy the interior of the main crust without touching either each other or the main crust's interior. A thin layer of apple pie filling would coat the bottom of the main crust along with a few apple chunks to assist with the placement of the smaller pies. The spaces between each of the smaller pies would be filled with more filling, and then the top-crust or lattice would be placed on top of that.

    And the result would be apple pie pie.

    I may be mistaken, but I think pre-prepared filling would be necessary for a pie pie, given that the interior pies must be pre-baked (which may or may not be a fallacy on my part).

    Now, let's all poke holes into that, please.
  • Downside-upDownside-up March 2011
    Posts: 1,492
    I think having the outer pie be open-face is acceptable until a method of closing it off is discovered.

    Perhaps deep frying strips of crust and making a lattice out of that somehow. Or construct the lattice and then fry it, and place it on top. That seems more reasonable. Add powdered sugar for a funnel cake feel.
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad May 2011
    Posts: 6,459
  • Downside-upDownside-up May 2011
    Posts: 1,492

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