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i suck. help? part 2
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad January 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    Well, I think the last thread has expired past its freshness date, so moving along.

    Anyone want to give it a go?
  • EugeneEugene January 2011
    Posts: 1,684
    ... back at the campfire ...

    Back at the campfire, Edwin Earl Emmil struggled with wakefulness. Glancing for the hundredth time at the trunk the horses were tied to, he noticed he was not the only one awake.

    "Can't sleep?" he quietly intoned so as not to wake the others. There was no response.

    "I don't know what it is. I guess I know it's gone, and even at night, I can feel it, somehow," he added, talking, of course, about the sun, which had disappeared exactly twelve days and eight hours ago.

    Edwin Earl Emmil lay awake, hoping for distraction from the sunless night.
  • NinielNiniel January 2011
    Posts: 652
    "I don't know if it's gone" she said after a while. "Or if we're drifting away somehow, like an impossible soap bubble in a summer breeze. An now we can't find our way back and we're lost..." She stopped and took a deep breath. "I'm scared, Edwin."
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad January 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    The ranger twitched where he lay, on his side and back to the fire. He didn't think Emmil perceptive enough to notice that he was merely feigning sleep; though, understandably, how could he? The light of the world had been gone for nearly a fortnight. But then, one of their other companions spoke in response, and Laran relaxed, though still restless.

    I too, Laran wanted to add, agreeing to Emmil's sentiment of feeling the sun; there but not there. He also wanted to give a word or two of insincere comfort to the woman, though he decided better of it.

    Not daring to lift his head, Laran glanced to the side skyward, searching for the ever-brighter flecks of distant stars that still hung obediently in the night sky. The sun may be lost, but the stars still pointed the way.

    The long night is upon us, but we are not lost.
  • EugeneEugene January 2011
    Posts: 1,684
    Edwin Earl Emmil thought about that for a while. Was he scared? He had been, the first night. He thought, like everyone else, that the Wizards had finally found their superweapon. He still thought that was possible. But then, why had the fear been swept away? More importantly, when? It was when had decided to follow the boy on this mad quest. And though they had been seperated from Luke for some time, he still felt like they all had a shared purpose now.

    "I'd tell you not to fear, for all great men fear, but that's not always true. I've always hated being afraid, and maybe you do too. If that's the case, you just need to know how to distill the fear. I turn my fear into purpose, and then its gone. Many such men become great leaders, though not I. Others turn fear into rage, and men like that make worthy followers for the men of purpose."

    He was silent for a moment, thinking.

    "Some of the Wizards are said to drink enchanted brews that cure ailments. Fear is one example. Our minds aren't so different from theirs, you see. We all fear something, and wish we did not. They must learn to enchant their brew and sate their thirst, and you must learn what it takes to sate yours."
  • raging+drunk+ladraging drunk lad January 2011
    Posts: 6,459
    At the mention of the Wizards, the ranger decided that he simply could not continue lying there as a passive listener.

    "Cease your chatter," Laran intoned sharply, his voice cracked, gravely and dry. He twisted on the ground and sat up cross-legged, leaning forward with a glare pointed at Emmil. "I may have agreed to escort you and your friends through Greegh, but if you insist on venerating those degenerates I will renege on my gracious offer."

    The great forest of Greegh, which spanned an area of over 3000 square miles, was described as inhospitable even when the sun still shone. Since the onset of the long night it was now treacherous, with predators tirelessly prowling the dark, deep places under root and between the wide, thick boles.

    Emmil and the rest may have been fortunate enough to have stuck to the well-worn path that branched and snaked its way through the vast forest with their steeds, but the way was still uneven and frequented by more than just dumb beasts. The safe and secret way that Laran knew penetrated deeper into Greegh before turning westward toward where Emmil insisted he and the others needed to be. Had they skirted the southwestern edge of the wood, Laran had pointed out that they would have been torn limb from limb by the trolls that inhabited there.

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