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Professional/movie Sculpture tutorial
  • Fates+Chosen+OneFates Chosen One August 2005
    Posts: 146
    Totally fascinated me seeing it take shape:
    Heya folks, Petey here, aka Smellybug.

    It has been brought to my attention that the 3d/sculpture section could use a tutorial. Well I'm happy to be at your service. I've been in the movie racket for a number of years and have made a lot of creature maquettes. Along the way I've learned a few tips, tricks and techniques and would be helpful to those just starting out, or even a few bits of info that even advanced artists might find helpful.

    I plan to do a supersculpey sculpture in the typical way that I do these things, posting progress and descriptions along the way. You can follow along an make your own or whatever, it's up to you. I probably won't post ever single day, but every few days. Ask questions and I'll try to respond coherently.

    Here's the design I will be doing. Keeping it rather simple in terms of number of parts, complexity etc.
  • The+Auth0rThe Auth0r August 2005
    Posts: 2,212
    I was somewhat impressed that he'd worked on Starship Troopers (one and two, that's some kinda fortitude), Dragonheart, and Jurassic Park.
  • Fates+Chosen+OneFates Chosen One August 2005
    Posts: 146
    Yah, he had some awesome stuff under his belt.

    For me was just looking at a completely new side to sclupting and art. I think sculpting, I thought clay, i hadnt considered all the wire underframing, the wire mesh, the guides. And just seeing every little detail take shape. It was freaking amazing, I couldnt help but SPAM it everywhere, and everywhere i spammed it i just had people looking through it fascinated and enthralled. lol.
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