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Derrick's Eclectic Easy-Listening Folky Block
  • DerrickDerrick August 2005
    Posts: 599
    My block is 58:55 long and will feature 15 eclectic easy-listening songs, from indie pop to folk to plain experimental stuff. But it's music to chill to, and includes some nice clean vocals and sophisticated lyrical content.

    1. Elbow - Mexican Standoff
    2. Apostle of Hustle - Kings and Queens
    3. Belle & Sebastian - I Could Be Dreaming
    4. Tegan & Sara - Take Me Anywhere
    5. Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
    6. Stars - Heart
    7. Mercury Rev - Vermillion
    8. Architecture in Helsinki - Frenchy, I'm Faking
    9. The Boy Least Likely To - My Tiger My Heart
    10. The Olivia Tremor Control - Another Set of Bees In The Museum
    11. Now It's Overhead - Blackout Curtain
    12. The Clientele - The Violet Hour
    13. Circulatory System - Symbols and Maps
    14. Wilco - Theologians
    15. Jason Collett - We All Lose One Another

    The block is also in a "mixtape" sort of format, so I'd appreciate it if you tuned in from the beginning and listened to the whole thing through.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy.
  • GaerlanGaerlan August 2005
    Posts: 1,263
    This has not yet been assigned a time, has it?
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